Character Creation

For this campaign setting, I want adventurers who have above-average stats. To this effect, I use the following dice roll system:

4d6, 7 times, taking the six highest. Reroll any 1s. If you are not satisfied with this set, you can choose to mulligan; by using mulligan, you drop the set you have just rolled, and roll a new set. You can mulligan twice, for a total of three sets. Once you start a new set, you are unable to go back and use the old set. As a note, in the off-chance that you receive a set in which the total of your attributes do not equal at least +4 (taking in penalties and positives), or you have no stat greater than +2, you can mulligan that set without it counting against your normal two rerolls.

The reasoning behind this system of rolling is fairly simple: in E6, you only get to raise a stat by one point (at 4th level), and aside from a belt of strength +2, there are no stat boost items; while there are feats that you can grab (Ability Advancement and Improved Ability Advancement) that add a total of +2 to a stat, in general the stats you start with are the stats with which you retire.

I also use the optional Flaw system and allow players to come up with additional flaws to run by me, if they so choose. You can, as usual, take up to two flaws to gain two bonus feats. Traits are also permitted, as are the various environmental and elemental traits.

Race-wise, most races are permitted. Level modifiers have been removed from the game, though, and instead use the following formula: ECL +1 races have a ten percent penalty to experience gain; once 5000 experience has been burned off by the penalty, the penalty goes away. ECL +2 incurs a 30% experience penalty until ten thousand experience points are absorbed by the debt. ECL +3 is at 50% until fifteen thousand experience is absorbed by the debt, while ECL 4 and above races are usually forbidden, although some templates reach to +4.

The feat “Reduced ECL” will automatically deduct 5000 experience from your racial Experience Debt, though it will not impact any other experience debt you might have, such as debt from dying.

Races and Templates are listed on other pages.

Starting wealth is rolled for as normal, and players may select one option from the Signature Gear list as well.

Character Creation

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