Creatures with templates are not uncommon in Tregarde. Some templates are the result of random pockets of magic brought about by the sudden shattering of humanity’s most powerful magic at the end of the last human empire. Others are the results of infusions of energy from the fey, or the various elemental lords, or any of a number of entities worshiped by mortals on a day to day basis.

Template ability bonuses do not stack with racial bonuses, although a racial ability penalty will counter a racial ability bonus. In the case of bonuses, only the greater of the two bonuses stack. For example, an elf (+2 dex, -2 con) with the half-fiend template (adding +4 dex, +2 con) would have only the +4 to dexterity (the greater of the +2 and +4 bonus) but no modifier to constitution, since the +2 from the template counters the -2 penalty from being an elf.

Alignment Infused

This template is granted to those who have been changed by a power that works for some alignment, or were exposed at or before birth to a large quantity of magic aligned to one of the ethical or moral axis.

Beings infused with chaos tend to have a disheveled appearance, or an appearance that changes from day to day. They seem to be unable to stay in one place for too long, having a perpetual wanderlust and an attitude against those in charge.

Evil-infused beings tend to be malevolent, with a constant appearance of anger and a general aura of menace. They tend to revel in vengeance, anger, and destruction.

Good-infused creatures tend to radiate an aura of compassion or tranquility, or righteousness; they are usually radiant in appearance, with hair of silver or gold and a skin that often matches.

Lawful creatures are very orderly, with no part of their appearance ever out of place; they have a tendency to be monotonous in tone, appearance, and stride, and they are often very stubborn.

Experience Cost: 30%

Elemental Infused

This Template is granted to those who have been changed by some elemental entity, or who were exposed to elemental forces in the womb, or who have been empowered by one of the elemental lords or a servant thereof.

Air-infused tend to be pale, with long hair that moves in an unseen wind; they tend to be light in weight, as well as graceful.

Earth-infused beings tend to have very dark skin, are generally rough in appearance and feel, and are considered to be slow and ponderous thanks to their heavier than average weight.

Fire-infused creatures tend to be warm, with reddened skin and an arrogant attitude.

Water-infused creatures are the most diverse of the elemental-infused, in terms of personality; some are tranquil, while others are flashy and violent. They tend to be very clean individuals, with hair that always looks at least a little bit wet. Cold-infused creatures are very similar to water-infused beings, although their skin is more rough and they radiate an aura of cold, with their breath steaming in the air.

Experience Cost: 50%


This template is granted to those who are somehow the offspring of an angelic entity and a mortal. These beings tend to be radiant, with gold or silver skin, metallic hair, and large feathery wings. Their voices are naturally loud and resounding, naturally commanding. Attitude-wise, half-celestials tend towards righteousness and judgement, or tranquility and peace. They are typically very stubborn, feeling in their bones the difference between right and wrong.

Experience cost: 75%


These beings are the offspring of fey and mortal creatures. They are charismatic, agile, and usually very intelligent. Despite their ageless nature, or perhaps because of it) the half-fey tend to live very much in the moment, leading to a whimsical nature that is reflected in their glorious butterfly wings. Their skin runs the gamut between pale to dark, soft to hard, as their nature dictates. Most are aligned with one of the two Sidhe courts, although a good portion are aligned (as much as one can be) with the Wild court.

Experience cost: 30%


Similar to the elemental infused in power, the half-elementals are the offspring of elemental or elemental-infused creatures and mortals, or those especially blessed by an elemental lord. They use the same general description as elemental infused.

Experience cost: 50%


These beings are the produce of the unholy union between infernal and mortal parents. They tend to be angry individuals, self-righteous and proud. Their skin tends to be dark or an angry red, and they radiate heat or an aura of menace. half-fiends often have horns and always have claws and bat wings, obvious signs of their darker nature.

Experience cost: 75%


Darklings are humanoids who have made a willing bargain with some shadow power, exchanging a bit of their soul for shadowy abilities. They can tap into the powers of shadow magic to enhance their attacks, although a good portion of their power requires at least partial if not absolute darkness. They range in appearance from very pale to very dark, and are almost totally colorless, both in clothing and body. Shades tend to be very determined to advance in power, as is shown by their willingness to bargain with an alien force for gain.

Experience cost: 75%


These beings are similar in appearance to Darklings, though they have made no bargain; rather, they were born to a parent with natural talent for shadow-magics, or near a pocket of such energy.

Experience cost: 30%


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