Tregarde is a points of light campaign using the E6 ruleset from various threads on ENWorld, as well as a variety of house rules. It includes custom races, modified class and class abilities, and is based in a custom campaign world set in the dark ages after the fall of a mighty human empire; a world in which the most powerful wizards are those who can fling a fireball, and the mightiest weapons are relics from prior human civilizations, such as the fiery Flametongue or the chilling Frostbrand.

The concept behind E6 can be found here on the ENWorld boards, courtesy of the genius of Ryan Stoughton.

E6 changes

The only required change to make a D&D campaign an E6 campaign is simple: you level until you hit level 6, and then you stop leveling. Every 5000 experience you receive after level 6 allows you to buy a feat.

However, for the Tregarde campaign, I’m using a variety of optional rules from the E6 thread, as well as from various other sources, or ones which I’ve created.

Aside from an infusion of new races, and tweaks to the classes, templates, and feats, the largest difference between Tregarde and most other campaigns is how magic works. In Tregarde, I use the optional recharging magic system from the d20 SRD. Other notes on magic can be found here at another part of this campaign wiki.

Notes on Character Creation can be found here .

Notes on Furry Races can be found here.

Notes on Templates can be found here.

Notes on Classes can be found (link to come)

Notes on Feats can be found (link to come)

An index of magical items available in Tregarde can be found (link to come)

Notes on the history of Tregarde can be found here .